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Today we have easy access to all the spiritual information the world has to offer. This is a unique development in human history. Such openness is a magnificent evolution yet presents challenges for the earnest seeker. At a time when anyone can comment on anything, how can we come to know the mature, the reliable, the sincere and the authentic?  Where is the firm spiritual ground?

The Traditional
For more than 3000 years seekers would find this in the monasteries and ashrams of the world. There they would assimilate the teachings in protected seclusion. For some this remains a meaningful option but it is not the only one.

The New Monastic
Vedantarama lives and teaches integrated spirituality. Everyday life is embraced. There is no necessity for physical renunciation. The same timeless principles of teacher, teachings, study, service and spiritual practice are fully in place. The same vision of reality prevails. Divinity shines in this moment now just as it does in the privacy of the hermitage.

To realise the Self is our spiritual destiny. The desire for peace, stability and security that prompts spiritual investigation in the first place, is itself a desire for Self-realisation. Moving ever closer into that freedom is the summit of spirituality in this life. To respond we must first transcend  the restrictions of mind that confine us. This is sadhana

Practising Advaita Vedanta Teachings

Vedantarama offers two programmes of Jnana sadhana to its members:

Members’ Community : A place of belonging for like-minded people. Here the Vedanta teachings can be undertaken in full measure within the new monastic


Spiritual Awakening Teachings

Self-Realisation Teachings

Advaita Vedanta

Advaita Vedanta