Vedanta Prakriya – Spiritual Awakening 

The Vedanta Prakriya are the spiritual awakening teachings of Vedantarama.  Awakening means coming to know my true inner nature and for that to express ever more freely in this life.  Awakening responds to three principal questions:

Who am I?
What is this life?
What is God?

The term prakriya means method or process. Our teacher created these 12 original and progressive teachings of awakening to express the core Vedanta knowledge in a sequence of steps. These are freely available to members of Vedantarama.  Beyond this prakriya a second series of 12 advanced teachings are also in place for members through the Advaita Prakriya teachings on Self-realisation.

The spiritual awakening teachings are presented as audio recordings capturing the live sessions given by Derek to a group of students. They include the discourses themselves and the subsequent spiritual conversations that occurred. The recordings are rich and energetic resources to study the powerful reassuring beauty of Vedanta.  Sessions held every 12 weeks, began in April 2022. Recordings will be added as they are completed.

All the teachings linked below are password protected for Vedantarama members only. See here for information on membership



Vedanta Prakriya

Twelve teachings on the nature of experience

Chapter Title  Vedanta Content
One Nature of creation Brahman What is this existence
Two Nature of consciousness Atman What is living in me
Three Nature of experience Anitya What is my stability
Four Nature of body Kosha What is my structure
Five Nature of mind Antakarana Where is mind
Six Nature of circumstance Karma Where have I come from
Seven Nature of action Guna Who is acting is there free will
Eight Nature of place Taijasa Is this a dream
Nine Nature of perceiving Sakshi What is real
Ten Nature of love Ananda Where is happiness
Eleven Nature of divinity Ishvara Where is the divine
Twelve Nature of application Dharma What is my purpose

Studying the teachings 

To study these prakriya chapters is to engage in Jnana meaning the assimlation of knowledge. Assimilation is an active word. The information is not a passive story it is an invitation to engage. This means listen with care and intelligence to what is said and listen multiple times. Identify the core components for yourself, the things that fascinate, perplex or intrigue you. Make some private notes and actively work with the information reflecting on the implication and meaning. keep it in your mind as you go about life and view the world from this position. There will be questions and doubts. These must be identified and solutions to them found either in yourself, in the sources of vedanta, by discussing them with like-minded people or by contacting teachers.  Read supporting vedanta material and enhance  all the above with meditation positive life habits and general spiritual practices. This is Jnana. This is vedanta prakriya. This is spiritual awakening

The vedanta prakriya audio recordings

commenced April 2022 completing December 2024


Vedanta Prakriya 1

The nature of creation

Recorded April 2022

Vedanta Prakriya 2

The nature of consciousness

Recorded July 2022

Vedanta Prakriya 3

The nature of experience

Recorded September 2022

Vedanta Prakriya 4

The nature of body

Recorded December 2022


Vedanta Prakriya 5

The nature of mind

Recorded April 2023

Vedanta Prakriya 6

The nature of circumstance

Recorded July 2023

Vedanta Prakriya 7

The nature of action

Recorded September 2023

Vedanta Prakriya 8

The nature of place

 Recorded December 2023


Vedanta Prakriya 9

The nature of perceiving

Recorded April 2024

Vedanta Prakriya 10

The nature of Love

Upcoming session: Due to be recorded in 2024

Vedanta Prakriya 11

The nature of divinity

Upcoming session: Due to be recorded in 2024

Vedanta Prakriya 12

The nature of application

Upcoming session: Due to be recorded in 2024