Advaita Vedanta organisation

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Advaita Vedanta is the heart of our organisation. Living and sharing this   sparkling wisdom is our purpose. For those who wish to enquire into the true spiritual nature of themselves Vedanta is a time tested way. By applying the Advaita Vedanta vision in a modern setting, we make these beautiful insights accessible to all who are inspired to look. Vedantarama is bringing the opportunity and the means for spiritual awakening in reach within everyday life.

Advaita Vedanta  spiritual community
In addition to our public teachings and resources, a private spiritual community is also in place. This is focussed on awakening and Self-realisation through the spiritual practice of Advaita Vedanta.  Membership is available providing personal access to the teacher and the opportunity to benefit from the fellowship of others who are also following this spiritual path.

In place for more than twenty years Vedantarama is based on the Somerset moors in the UK and is led by teacher Derek Thorne




The Teacher