Advaita Vedanta Community

An Advaita Vedanta Community is in place for those people who wish to make a focussed commitment to their spiritual practice and have direct contact with the teacher. Having the ability to  concentrate and be centred  in  a clarity of teaching  brings confidence and security to spiritual practice.

Amidst the marketplace of practices, viewpoints and competing philosophies clarity can seem  elusive to the seeker. Consolidating in a mature and authenticated body of wisdom with people who are similarly motivated brings stability and energy to sadhana. 

Community is a time-tested way to support and stimulate spiritual life. Vedantarama provides an Advaita Vedanta Community. Membership is available for people who sincerely wish to explore and deepen their spiritual experience and are drawn to the Advaita Vedanta teachings. Members maintain personal independence drawing from the community resources to the level and extent that suits them



Advaita Vedanta Community

Benefits of membership

    • Go deeper into spiritual knowledge
    • Focus on spiritual practice
    • Have direct personal access to the teacher
    • Be part of a living spiritual community
    • Have access to the spiritual awakening teachings
    • Have access to the Self-realisation teachings
    • Receive community communications
    • Opportunity to attend private satsangs
    • Free receipt of our community journal Ashrama

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    To receive these benefits, secure membership and sustain the work of Vedantarama members donate an annual subscription of £40.  To arrange membership…..Contact us


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