Advaita Prakriya – Self-Realisation

The Advaita Prakriya are the advanced Self-realisation teachings of Vedantarama. Prakriya means method. Through a series of 12 progressive discourses these higher teachings are described in precision and detail by our teacher as audio recordings supported by transcriptions for personal study.

This is an authentic dedicated sadhana available to members of Vedantarama. The commitment is to work with each teaching for a period of 12 weeks before moving on to the next chapter. In total this will take 3 years. Periodically students can put their doubts and questions to the teacher and have these resolved. Members who feel ready and motivated to pursue these advanced teachings can request to do so by contacting us. The programme is described below. Each chapter is private and password protected.

12 preliminary teachings on spiritual awakening known as the Vedanta Prakriya are also in place and freely available for any of our members to study at the pace they wish. Membership of Vedantarama giving access to these teachings and the wider benefits of community is available to all sincere people

Advaita Prakriya
Twelve advanced teachings on the nature of reality

Chapter Title  Vedanta Content
One Nature of Infinity Anantam What is the experience of infinity
Two Nature of Appearance Nama Rupa What is name and form
Three Nature of Atman Sakshi What is shining
Four Nature of Ego Ahankara What is me
Five Nature of God Ishvara Where is God
Six Nature of Difference Advaita 1 Where is the gap
Seven Nature of Unity Advaita 2 What is pervading
Eight Nature of Wisdom Mahavakya What can be known
Nine Nature of Samadhi 1 Nididhyasana 1 What is samadhi within
Ten Nature of Consciousness Turiya What is eternal and enduring
Eleven Nature of Samadhi 2 Nididhyasana 2 What is samadhi without
Twelve Nature of Self Realisation Advaita 3 And now this is one

Individual chapters -Audio and text

Chapter One

The nature of Infinity

Chapter Two

The nature of appearance

Chapter Three

The nature of Atman

Chapter Four

The nature of Ego

Chapter Five

The nature of God

Chapter Six

The nature of difference

Chapter Seven

The nature of unity

Chapter Eight

The nature of wisdom

Chapter nine

The nature of samadhi 1

Chapter ten

The nature of turiya

Chapter eleven

The nature of samadhi 2

Chapter twelve

The nature of Self realisation