Advaita Vedanta Satsang

Meet the teacher, hear the teachings and experience the powerful spiritual impact of Advaita Vedanta

‘What is God?’

‘The existence and nature of God as defined in Vedanta’

Saturday 16th November 2024 10am-1pm
Bishopston Community Centre, Murton Green Rd, Swansea SA33AT

What and where is God? There is something profound and majestic at the heart of nature. Throughout time, religions, philosophies, traditions and cultures have responded to this mystery and called it God. Attempts to explain and relate to this power vary. Vedanta defines God confidently and simply. This is a magnificent and potentially life-changing knowledge.

Derek Thorne is a renowned Advaita Vedanta teacher. Deeply established in the Vedanta vision, he leads the Vedantarama spiritual community and is an inspiring and influential speaker

During the session Derek will give teachings on ‘What  is God’. The morning will include discourse, some chanting from the Vedas, meditation and a question and answer session.

Booking: Contact Anna
Tel: 07972 642678
Email: [email protected]
Cost: £25
Pre-booking necessary.