Ashrama Journal – Editions

Ashrama is the journal of Self-realisation at the heart of Vedantarama’s work and teachings. It is provided freely to our members. Each annual edition progresses the personal and passionate story of Self-realisation as experienced by the character of the seeker whose name is Amelia.

Her biggest motivation in life is to satisfy the spiritual yearning in her,  express it and realise her spiritual potential. She begins with many doubts and encounters obstacles. Undeterred she pursues her deepening insights, awakens her mind and makes potent and profound progress, assisted by the voice and uncompromising  energy  of the Guru.

The Ashrama journal is a treasured profound and original resource

Amelia’s story- The seeker and her Guru

The story has been ongoing since 2015 and is not yet complete

2015: Ashrama Edition 20

After 20 years of exploring sadhana Ram invites Amelia to finally engage with the Guru. They camp out on top of Catingford Hill. There they have a big conversation exploring the nature of Being and the sadhana of the true, mature seeker.

2015: Ashrama Edition 21

After provocation from her Guru and the statement “no more words” Amelia retreats into her house and undertakes a powerful solitude on 10 Upanishadic truths. She says “either I will realise this or die in trying”.

2016: Ashrama Edition 22

Through a series of visions Amelia explores Bowslip House gaining insights into the themes of herself. She is then abandoned in the forest at night transcending fears of the house for the courage of her faithful heart.

2017: Ashrama Edition 23

Amelia travels deep into Bowslip forest with her Guru. Surviving a destructive storm that kills Donkey she enters a mysterious temple, realises the cave of the heart and comes to understand the maturity of devotion.

2018: Ashrama Edition 24

Following two years of absence, Amelia travels to Ram’s ancient home deep in the forest. To get there she has to endure the ghosts of her mind. In a chapel in the woods Ram reveals the true nature of Sakshi to her.

2019: Ashrama Edition 25

Through dangerous and frozen mountain terrain they travel to Shiva’s abode in the remote Snowfield. There her Guru reveals profound Vedanta, the Darshan of Shiva and the transforming sadhana of auspiciousness.

2020: Ashrama Edition 26

Amelia stays with Ram in his mountain yurt up in the high mist. He brilliantly consolidates all the sadhana into Two Tracks – Jnana and Karma.  They encounter the Timecoast and she tastes the true edges of Self-realisation.

2021: Ashrama Edition 27

Through penetrating confrontation and then from the vantage point of a high tower, Ram reveals the nature of Ishvara, the now of the perpetual moment and the divinity of existence.  Love is the field that shines.

2022: Ashrama Edition 28

Amelia comes to reside with Ram for a year. He takes her to a ruined monastery on the the evocative delta of the Timecoast. There she sees what it is to truly be ‘the Nun’. Together they expose the very fabric of Self-realisation.